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I discovered my passion for creativity at a very early age. I spent much of my youth having adventures taking place in worlds of my own making, quickly identifying art as an outlet that allowed me to create and share my exciting and otherworldly adventures with others.

Over the last 18 years I have been exploring and pushing the limits of art and design through my work in different entertainment industries. I have been at the forefront of new product development for leaders and trend-setters such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, THQ and Ubisoft in the development of video games, film, animation and advanced technology.

In my latest endeavor as a co-founder and Creative Director of DreamCraft Attractions, some of the projects I worked on were the creation of virtual humans, VR/AR park rides, full-bore story-driven experiences and other types of real time interactive experiences for theme parks and major entertainment centers, as well as creation and direction of our company’s marketing and media output.

In the Middle East, I was part of a team tasked with the ideation of a strategy plan to create an incubation hub for the video game and digital entertainment industry for the government of Saudi Arabia.


Some things I can help you with, but am not limited to, are; I can be responsible for the creation, execution and/or direction of any creative media of any size or complexity, oversee development and production of the artistic design strategy for your company and products, help you create your brand’s visual identity and design, marketing media and product presentation, and help you visualize your product/s from the concept exploration stage to the final visual target.

Depending on the size or scale of the job, I can either work alone or bring in some of the most successful, highly skilled media/production outsourcing studios, and put together a team of the required size to achieve timely and top notch results.

I still love working on creations that are experienced by other people, but now for much larger audiences. :)

Live, inspire, regret nothing.

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